Jon Dearing – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Jon only works in the private sector, and has clinics at Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow 3 times a week, Carrick Glen hospital in Ayr twice a week and at the Glasgow medical rooms in central Glasgow weekly, so you should never need to wait long to have your problem assessed.
He delivers an orthopaedic and sports medicine service, aiming to return you to full function as quickly as possible, and has access to the most accurate and up to date diagnostic tools to assist him in this. Jon is able to deliver biological treatments for joint and ligament injuries, including autologous blood injection and stem cell injections.
In order to maintain function he repairs rather than removes injured tissue wherever possible, and Jon is also highly experienced all aspects of knee and shoulder surgery, from arthroscopy to joint preserving surgery such as osteotomy through to joint replacement, both partial and total.

Why Choose The Dearing Clinic

Jon is a highly talented and experienced Orthopaedic and Sports Injury surgeon who only practices in the private sector.

In order to allow you to return to full function quickly he aims to avoid surgery wherever possible,preferring to utilise his close relationship with a team of dedicated physiotherapists and the use of novel biological treatments, such as autologous blood or stem cell injections which can be delivered in an outpatient setting.

Where surgery is indicated Jon has a proven track record of providing excellent patient outcomes and he provides an arthroscopic surgery service for the knee and shoulder, as well as a busy arthroplasty practice.

He regularly operates on both acute and chronic tendon, ligament and joint injuries caused by both sporting and non- sporting activity.

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