>ChodroGide is a collagen membrane which protects regenerating articular cartilage. It is used to allow regeneration of small areas of articular cartilage loss, particularly following sports trauma,  and is inserted via a small open procedure.

Autologous blood injection

Autologous conditioned plasma injection can be used for controlling the symptoms of early to moderate osteoarthritis or to reduce symptoms from tendinopathies. The technique involves taking 15ml of blood, placing it in a centrifuge and injecting the platelet rich plasma fraction into the affected area. Often 2 or 3 injections are required at 1-2 weekly intervals. Compared to steroid injection there is a prolonged improvement, out to a year in level 1 studies. The technique has been approved by NICE and is recognised by insurance companies. I use the Arthrex ACP system.

Stem cell injection

Stem cells can be harvested from peripheral fat cells in a technique similar to liposuction. The mesenchymal / multi potent stem cells are then extracted from the fat and injected into the joint to treat early to moderate osteoarthritis and tendon injuries. This can be performed under local anaesthetic as an outpatient procedure. The technique, whilst having encouraging early results, has not yet been approved by NICE and is not currently funded by insurers. I am, however,  able to offer the Lipogems system of stem cell injection as part of an ongoing audit.